Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Hydralisk

Recently I was given a Starcraft 2 Beta key!!.... Hence this:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Violent Friday's 04

Well I did it! I set the goal of doing a drawing a day for a month and a month has just passed :)!

I'm going back home to Brisbane for a little holiday then I'll have a little break. So no more posts every day for a while :(.

*I'll still be doing violent friday's till I get bored.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing With Ink

I bought a fancy brush pen from overseas recently. Here is me going over some sketches in my sketchbook:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bad

Time for some practice:
I also organised the Fight of the Century into one neat post....mmm readable

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fight Of the Century!

I've been watching lots of UFC and lots of competitive Starcraft recently.
So what would happen if the best pound for pound fighter in the world fought the best Starcraft player in the world?

Here is Anderson "The Spider" Silva vs Lee "Lord of Destruction" Jae-Dong:
Round 1
MMA Rules:Jae Dong goes for a clumsey punch, Anderson Silva evades skillfully and counters with a swift Jab. Jae Dong is out!

The winner of Round 1 is Anderson Silva!
......Big surprise....

Round 2
And the fighters enter the octagon once again.
Round 2 - Starcraft Rules:
Jae Dong is fired up and looking for revenge, He could not have been happy with the last round:
Anderson Silva looks truely out of his comfort zone. Jae Dong is a master when is comes to macro and micro management. Lets hope Anderson can keep up......
Ahh...This looks bad.. Something might have just snapped in Andersons brain. Maybe the intense nature of this game was too much to handle!? This fight might have to be stopped.
And yes! Our referee jumps to Andersons rescue.You can see just how angry Jae Dong is by his unwillingness to end the fight!
But the Referee is forced to step in, he doesn't want any unnessesary harm to come to Anderson.
The Winner of Round 2 Due to Referee stoppage: Lee Jae Dong!!Round 3
The Third and Final Round! - MMA(Mixed Martial Art) and Starcraft Rules:In this round the fighters can win by destroying each others buildings in Starcraft or by technical knock out, knock out, doctor stoppage, technical submission or submission.

Anderson starts strong with a flurry of punches and kicks.
But look at Jae Dong! Its like he is in some kind of gameplay induced trance.
He's dodging all of Anderson's strikes!
AMAZING!! Now this is micro management!!
Oh Dear.... It looks like Anderson in his haste has neglected his starcraft game!
Jaedong is coming in for the kill! Anderson must do something quickly!!What's this?!
In a desperate move Anderson throws a front kick and destroys Jae Dongs computer!
The referee steps between the two fighters.
Is this the end of the fight?!That's it!! the Referee is calling a stop to this fight. Anderson is disqualified!!!
He is completely devastated! This marks Anderson's first lose in 4 years and his first ever lose in the UFC!!And The Winner Is........
Lee "Lord of Destruction" Jae-Dong!!!!

Finished!! Phew! That was allot of fun! A bit more work than expected but I'm happy I stuck with it :). I'll see if I can do another one of these further down the line.