Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Baack!

So my holdiay was sweet.

Havent done much art lately :(
but I have a job! yay!
I'll be moving and starting there soon....Nice!

Here are a couple of environment pieces that I attempted:

A dude in a space suit chilling out :
and a couple of warm up painting s that I did in attempt to loosen myself up (from photos obviously) :
Also here are some sketches and doodles that I did on my holiday

Thanks for looking!


mayhem said...

killah environments bro.

Alex Grigg said...

Man, i always love stopping by your blog. These sketches are killer.

Congrats on the new job! Are you still in Briz?

Amelia's Poetry Blog said...

The space pic is freaking awesome Pete!

Travis Ramsdale said...

Hey man. I love those environments. And the portraits are awesome too. Good luck with the new job and I'll have to give you a call sometime to catch up.

Pete Mullins said...

These are really nice. Great work!