Saturday, August 25, 2012


This has been a long time coming, but I have finally cut this together!!
Its a Storyboard that I did earlier this year using what I learnt from Rad Sechrist class at CDA

Here is a little back story:

Jim is a fish monster who lives the depressing life as a nameless office employee. Things were not always this way, for Jim was once the most feared monster in the world!

After settling down and starting a family, Jim had to get a "real job" and settled into the office routine. As time went by he progressively lost the "fire" that made him once the "Baddest Being On The Planet".

Jims boss Frank, a keen trophy fisherman sees Jim as "The perfect catch" and has reserved a space for him on his secret trophy wall in his office.

After Frank makes Jim work late he confronts him in the carpark....... 

Huge thank you to Rad Sechrist for all the help and guidance!


Olivr said...

well done. nice.

Daniel Harris said...

This is great! Really funny with some great action pacing. I'm really enjoying following your work :-)

Peter Yong said...

Thanks guy! I appreciate you coming here!